FACTfile - Ferrari F430

The ultimate road car

Ferrarii's new distributors in Australia/New Zealand, Ateco Automotive have issued a comprehensive description of the 3 new models from Ferrari. Below - in largely unexpurgated form - is the information on the Ferrari F430.

The link between motorsport and road cars can often seem tenuous at best, but when it comes to creating the ultimate road car, the all-new Ferrari F430, there is no doubt about the link between Ferrari's World Championship winning race cars and the design, development, testing and production of the F430.

The research and development for the F430 was done by the same people who search for ways to make Ferrari Formula One cars faster; technology developed for the Formula One cars has found a new home in the F430; the shape of the F430 was honed in the same wind tunnel as the F1 cars use and not only was the new car tested on the same Ferrari test track as the Formula One cars, the finer points of handling and road holding were honed to perfection by the world's most successful racing driver, Ferrari's Michael Schumacher. And, of course, the Ferrari F430 is produced in the same factory at Maranello in Italy as, Ferrari's Gestione Sportiva F1 racing division.

It is, therefore, not surprising that the comment has been made that for everyone but a Formula One driver, the Ferrari F430 represents the closest anyone will get to the experience of driving a Formula One Car. But this does not mean that the Ferrari F430 is as difficult to drive as a Formula One car or as inhospitable when it comes to creature comforts. This is a remarkably easy to use, practical supercar that offers real comfort in day to day use.

If there was one piece of technology that best demonstrates the link between Formula One and the F430 it is the electronic differential (E-Diff), initially developed by Ferrari for its F1 single-seaters and designed to make to make the most of the engine's torque to optimise traction, and the handily placed steering wheel-mounted commutator switch (better known to the Scuderia's drivers as manettino) which directly controls the integrated systems governing vehicle dynamics. The F430's light, compact 4,308 cc engine is completely new. Needless to say, its performance is outstanding. The F430's aerodynamics are also highly innovative for a road car: its shape has been honed to generate special flows to increase downforce and improve cooling.

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