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Pioneering rotating roof

The Ferrari Superamerica combines stunning Ferrari 12-cylinder sportscar performance with a highly original, innovative take on the ever-versatile convertible. The Superamerica is the first production car to adopt an pioneering rotating roof which transforms it from a coupe to a convertible in just a few seconds. Derived from the 575M Maranello, the Superamerica is available with either an F1-style or manual gearbox, and is fitted with the latest development of the classic V12 engine which produces 540 hp.

Thanks to the electrically operated rotating roof, which incorporates electrochromic technology, the Superamerica is the world's fastest convertible berlinetta with a top speed of 199 mph. the exclusive and unmistakably Pininfarina-designed Superamerica is produced in a limited series, just like the 1950s and 60s cars it is named after.

Exterior and Interior Styling
Styled by Pininfarina, the Superamerica retains the beautifully balanced proportions typical of Ferrari's V12 berlinettas, cleverly integrating the model's unique Revocromico roof. This innovative feature integrates seamlessly with the car's lines thanks to the two side buttresses, a styling cue taken from some of Ferrari's classic models. The buttresses also provide rollover protection along with the roof structure itself. Muscular curves characterise the whole rear section of the new Ferrari Superamerica and the car's sporting stance is further enhanced by the standard 19" split rims equipped with Bridgestone Potenza RE050 tyres..

The Superamerica is just as exclusive inside as out with meticulously handcrafted leather trim and carbon-fibre detailing specific to this model. Additional on-board storage space has been included, with a number of oddments as holders as well as a special compartment behind the seats. Clients may also opt to have the rev counter in either red or yellow

The Ferrari Superamerica's most important feature is Fioravanti-patented rotating roof. Called the Revocromico roof to highlight its unique rearward rotating movement and electrochromic glass technology, the supporting structure is in carbon-fibre. Once the roof catch has been released, the Superamerica converts from a coupe to a drop top in less than 10 seconds. When opened the roof folds back and rests flush with the boot lid, while the rear window doubles as a highly effective wind deflector. Another advantage that this solution offers is that, even with the top down, the boot capacity in unaffected. The boot can also be opened regardless of whether the top is up or down. For owner's who plan to use their car with the top down for extended periods, a special all-weather tonneau cover is available which can easily be fitted.

Electrochromic Glass
The use of electrochromic glass for the Superamerica's rotating roof is a first in the automotive history. The roof is around one square metre in size and the tint of the glass can be modified using a 5-position switch located on the central tunnel. In fact, the electrochromic glass, manufactured in collaboration with Saint Gobain, contains special electrochemical cells which give a range of five different tint levels.

At the very lightest setting, the amount of light coming into the cockpit is the same as a conventional glass sunroof, while at the very darkest setting only 1% of solar rays filter through. It takes just 60 seconds for the glass to go from the darkest setting to the lightest. When the engine is turned off, however, the glass automatically reverts to its darkest setting to protect the cockpit.

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