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We've had a short break - but we're back!

daveThe first half of 2008 was an opportunity for some navel-gazing, introspection and sitting on mountains. We didn't actually do any of these, but you get the picture. And now we've worked out what we think you like to hear about and what we enjoy doing - which means some changes to what we do at ItalianCar. First off we've decided that we just can't compete with all of the providers of up-to-the-minute news on cars - there are plenty of other sites out there much better equipped to do this than us. What we like to do - and we think you like to read about - are our personal views on Italian cars we have driven - some great photos (and at some point soon videos) of those cars as well as pretty exhaustive FACTfiles on current and recent models.

That's not to say we're not open to suggestion as to what we should cover, so please feel free to contact us and let us know your views. What doesn't change is the huge archive of material dating back to 2001 covering news, reviews, drives etc, and all of this is just a click away on the site. If you're looking for something in particular, just use the searchbox below to search ItalianCar and you should find what you're looking for.

July 2008

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David Bateson - Editor & Publisher ItalianCar

Meet the team

Angela Massmann - Art Direction

angela fleckApart from a slight incident involving putting diesel into a petrol engined car, Angela steals a march on the boys by having driven a Porsche 911 at a very early age. Or by having driven one at all.

As a passionate designer she really appreciates the Italian flair for style and now knows that a Pagani is not something you eat.

  1. First car owned - Renault 5
  2. Daily car - Ford Falcon
  3. Would like to own - Alfa Spider
  4. Practical choice - Volkswagen Tuareg
  5. Dream car - Maserati Spyder

Meet the team

David Bateson - Publisher

david batesonDavid inherited a preference for Italian cars from his father - his first was a Lancia Beta HPE - which blew the socks off the Renault 5 he'd been driving around in until then.

A series of uncanny coincidences when choosing company cars (formula = fastest car for the money) led to ownership of an Alfa 33 16v - and then a Fiat Punto GT (turbocharged 1.4l).

He founded ItalianCar in 2001 after turning up in Australia from his native UK and felt pity for Australians who hadn't seen a new Fiat in 20 years, let alone a Fiat Punto GT.

  1. First car owned - Renault 5
  2. Daily car - Alfa 147 Selespeed
  3. Would like to own - Fiat Coupe 20v turbo - or the new Alfa GT
  4. Practical choice - new Alfa 156 JTS or Ti
  5. Dream car - Lamborghini Gallardo

Meet the team

Ebi Fleck - Web Design & Photography

ebi fleckEbi admits to preferring the looks of British cars (you're fired!) but that doesn't stop him setting up some stunning photography and cinematography of what Italy has to offer.

Having worked for some major international advertising agencies in Germany and Australia, he has a great eye for visual impact. Unfortunately his first experience driving performance cars was not a happy one: working as a petrol pump attendant in Hamburg he drove a customer's brand new Mercedes away from the pump forgetting to take the pump out of the car.

Result: one petrol pump destroyed, one Mercedes badly damaged, one nearby Jaguar roof dented... and one petrol pump attendant position vacant.

  1. First car owned - Beetle
  2. Daily car - Ford Falcon
  3. Would like to own - Camper Van
  4. Practical choice - Toyota Landcruiser
  5. Dream car - TVR Tuscan Speed 6 or Tucker Torpedo

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