February 24 2007

Ferrari relay passes through Japan en route to Australia

With just a week to go before it arrives in Australia, the Ferrari 60th Anniversary Relay has passed through Japan, where the clouds around Mt Fuji and the notorious Tokyo traffic parted for a 180-strong Ferrari procession on the 330 km, two day drive through Japan ...

February 23 2007

Galleria Ferrari celebrates Ferrari's links with the movies

The Galleria Ferrari in Ferrari's home town of Maranello, is opening a second exhibition devoted to the actors and films that have been a part of the Ferrari story around the world. Part of the Company’s 60th Anniversary celebrations, this latest exhibition includes a selection of over 40 previously unseen photographs ...

February 22 2007

Maserati reveals new Granturismo

Maserati has taken the wraps of the GranTurismo, which will make its public debut at the Geneva motor show in March before arriving in Australia and New Zealand in early 2008 ...

February 16 2007

Ferrari and F1 set to take over Melbourne’s Lygon Street

In a joint initiative between the Australian Grand Prix Corporation, Ferrari and the City of Melbourne, Lygon Street will play host to the 2007 Grand Prix Ferrari Festival on Saturday, 3 March, two weeks before the start of the 2007 FORMULA 1™ ING Australian Grand Prix ...

February 16 2007

Special Edition 612 Scaglietti to mark Ferrari’s 60th

Ferrari is to build 60 unique 612 Scagliettis to celebrate its 60th Anniversary. Based on the 612 Scaglietti, the top of the range GT model. The cars will be offered with a two-tone livery in a combination of classic Ferrari colours as used on some of the company’s most memorable models ...

Club Members Only

An audience with Fiat's Wunderkind... Luca de Meo

It's not every day you get an invitation to dinner with the CEO of Fiat Auto. Last November I had an opportunity - with a number of other Australian motoring journalists - to meet the 39 year old wunderkind, plucked from Fiat brand Lancia to head up the iconic Italian car manufacturer after being at Fiat only three years. Read more in the italianCar Club ...

February 12 2007

DVD – Top Gear Back in the Fast Lane

Top Gear seems to be about the only show where manufacturers of stupendously expensive cars clearly believe the kudos of their car appearing on the shows outweighs any potential for damage incurred during the making of the show. We're giving away copies of the Top Gear DVD to 2 members of the ItalianCar Club ...

February 12 2007

Italians In Melbourne

Italians in Melbourne? Well there’s a novelty! At ItalianCar we’ve just been notified by Alfa, Fiat, Maserati and Ferrari of their respective line-ups for the Melbourne motor show (March 2nd-12th). Here’s the information they have provided us – now we’re just waiting for Lamborghini...

February 10 2007

159 range now automatic and with new diesel model

Alfa has added self shifting gearboxes right across its 159 range and introduced a new entry-level diesel model to meet the rapidly growing demand for diesel-powered cars in Australia.

February 10 2007

The Millionaire Gardener

What’s this? Looks like Michael Schumacher has already got himself a new job, swapping his Ferrari F1 car for the new Fiat Scudo van to go with his new career as a mobile gardener. Well, at least in the television advertisement that is launching Fiat’s new mid-size van across Europe ...

February 10 2007

Four engine choices for new 159 Sportwagon

Alfa Romeo Australia are pinning high hopes on the growth of the wagon/estate car market in Australia and are introducing a wider range of 159 Sportwagon versions than they did with its predecessor, the 156 Sportwagon. Here is some information on the new model - and Alfa’s thinking –  from Alfa Romeo Australia...

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