January 30 2007

Quattroporte Automatics Get Their Marching Orders

Other car companies use car storage yards. Not Maserati. For its new Quattroporte Automatic nothing less than the historic Military Academy in centre of Maserati’s home city of Modena was sufficient ...

ItalianCar – News Bytes

+++ You know it’s silly season when the only news on Italian cars is about crashes and crimes. This one from the UK caught our eye: Ferrari ruined by act of revenge – a £65,000 Ferrari was destroyed by a company director who mistakenly thought it belonged to a business rival. It turned out it didn’t. Read more here d+++ Car website Jalopnik reports on a leaked Fiat Group briefing to analysts and investors covering Alfa Romeo’s plans to return to the US with a new small sporty model (the ‘Junior’) another upmarket larger coupe and a 4WD something like the BMW X3. The Abarth badge is also expected to make a reappearance on sporty Fiat models this year. More here +++ Carpages in the UK reports the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder winning the 2006 ‘Top Gear Dream Car of the Year'. Read on commenced in the UK this year, from the four official dealerships in Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and London. +++ Tell us something we didn’t know - Lamborghini leads the list of children's favorite cars. The Sun Herald in South Mississippi asked a group of young children what car they would like. Lamborghinis and Ferrari scored pretty well. Read the article +++ More on the as yet unannounced Fiat Punto Abarth from Auto Express in the UK. +++ Are we clutching at straws for news?? Lancia and Lamborghini will launch in Turkey this year… +++ And finally – Australia’s Northern Territory has imposed speed limits on its roads for the first time, ending opportunities for fast car owners to test their vehicles’ (legally) on public roads down under. From here on in it’s on the race track or it’s down to our new editorial office in Germany to test this aspect of Italian cars! Read the story +++

January 30 2007

Ferrari’s Fiorano Test Track Open For Public Inspection

You’ll have to be very quick – as quick as a Ferrari perhaps – to take advantage of Ferrari’s current offer - a visit to the normally top secret Fiorano test track where the company tests its F1 and roadgoing cars ...

January 21 2007

Lamborghini sells more cars than ever… again

Automobili Lamborghini have announced their sales figures for 2006 at the Detroit Motor Show and parent company Audi must be happy with the performance – sales up over 30% and 2087 cars built as against a total of 1600 the previous year ...

January 11 2007

Ferrari 2006 – sales up, races won

Ferrari has announced at the Detroit motor show that it delivered 5,658 cars in 2006, a 5% increase on 2005, a sales success matched in Australia and New Zealand, where Ferrari delivered more than 100 cars in a 12 month period for the first time ...

January 11 2007

2007 marks 60 years for Ferrari

Ferrari will celebrate its 60th birthday  on 11th May 2007 - marking the date Enzo Ferrari produced his first car, the Ferrari 125 Sport, which won its first Grand Prix two weeks later ...

January 6 2007

Maserati reports sales in Oz up 33%

Official Australian vehicle sales source VFACTS reports this month that Maserati has increased sales by more than 33 per cent in 2006, setting a new all-time annual sales record for Maserati in Australia. This is despite car sales overall declining and its chief rivals seeing their sales increases limited to single figures ...

January 6 2007

Fiat Pandas to take part in Dakar Rally

Dakar 2007 will this year be graced by two Fiat Panda Cross’s (or should that be Crosses?). The event starts this Saturday 6 January 2007 in Lisbon, Portugal and ends in Dakar, the capital of Senegal on 21 January ...

January 5 2007

ItalianCar Club launches!

If you have been a visitor to the site for more than six months or so you may remember our Directory of Italian car related businesses and our discussion forum. Well we've now upgraded and relocated both of these features into the new ItalianCar Club and have added - and will be adding - new features to the Club ...

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